We are known for our devoted, highly professional staff, our vigilance to the needs of our residents and their families, and our unwavering commitment to providing the best care in the best environment.

Long Term Care

The decision to place a loved one in a long-term care facility is complex and often fraught with anxiety.  We do our best to make a difficult decision easier as we seek to address and eliminate your worries and concerns.  We know that often when the time comes to discuss a move to a nursing home the reaction from a relative or a parent may well be “Don’t put me there!” We understand the negative emotion sometimes associated with such a move; the nursing home industry, historically, has underperformed. It has been our overarching goal to change the perception and reality of this industry by creating an immaculate and beautiful facility that offers the ambiance of a fine hotel within a skilled long-term nursing care setting.  Our residents quickly settle in and become well known to our staff, which embrace them and do everything possible to make their life with us comfortable and fulfilling.  The result is the reaction that we elicit: “Please, don’t take me home.  Let me stay here… at the Rose Garden.”

Rose Garden: The "Hotel of Healthcare"



Thank you all for taking such care of me.  God bless you all.  Please give my love to everyone.  There are so many people to thank; Andrew, Danny, the whole gang from rehab, the cooks, the girls from the front desk, all the nurses - Bill, Rich, Cecilia, Debbie, Diane, both Jessica’s. There are so many; Carl, Amy, the gang in the Dining Room, and all our friends at Rose Garden.  God bless you all!

Mrs. Parker