The Rose Garden Way: Stability, Continuity, and Sensitivity to each individual.


Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Dr. Sandip Parikh, is an independent medical doctor who is aligned with our philosophy of "old  fashioned values" that is to say, our residents become like fami...

Mental Health

We are proud to have on staff the Drs. Mazur, both of whom are psychiatrists specializing in and older population. They are successful in assisting our guests in all phases of behavioral adjustment...


Dr. Whiteman, our consulting neurologist, is an expert in his field.  He is extremely approachable and is available on an as-needed basis.

Social Services

Rose Garden employs two full time Social Work staff, Meaghan McDowell, MSW and Trish Groesch, CSW.  They are available from the day of ...


Our on-staff podiatrist, Dr. Chris Blakeslee, is a trusted member of the Rose Garden team who visits each guest on a regularly scheduled basis.

Laboratory Services

We have mobile laboratory services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed with technicians sensitive to the needs of our guests.  STAT results are always available.


We have a mobile X-Ray services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed, with technicians sensitive to the needs of our guests.  Results are reported promptly to our on-site medical team.

Dining Services

The Rose Garden philosophy of excellence in all areas is highlighted in our dining services, headed by our superb chef, Ira Levine, and his personally trained kitchen staff.  We strive to ensure that what we p...

Beauty Services

You have long been accustomed to your beautician or barber.  While we cannot bring him or her here, we understand the importance of such a personal service.  Our beautician, Susan Dickleman, is warm, enga...


"To Rose Garden Staff,

Thank you for the great care and hope when I was here. Unfortunately, my time has come, and I have gone on. Special thanks to Keith, and Bill. You were all great and I had hoped to come back again but, alas, I didn`t make it. All for the good! I am happy, in part thanks to you."

Ed H