Stability and continuity are the cornerstones of our ability to provide exemplary care.


The 12th Annual Antique Automobile Show
September 23 2017
    Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center  and  The Ocean County Vintage Automobile
Grandparent's Day Entertainment
September 10 2017
Grandparents’ Day Sunday, September 10, 2017    Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Presents T

Thank you all for taking such care of me.  God bless you all.  Please give my love to everyone.  There are so many people to thank; Andrew, Danny, the whole gang from rehab, the cooks, the girls from the front desk, all the nurses - Bill, Rich, Cecilia, Debbie, Diane, both Jessica’s. There are so many; Carl, Amy, the gang in the Dining Room, and all our friends at Rose Garden.  God bless you all!

Mrs. Parker