· Covid-19 Information ·

Dear Families and Loved Ones,

We remain in daily contact with the NJDOH, CDC,CMS and AHCA for guidance and instructions on best practices to keep your loved ones safe from the transmission of COVID-19.

I wanted to update you on what we are doing at Rose Garden and to inform you on some pertinent new guidelines that have been put in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

  • ALL elders are monitored daily for: Vital signs and early warning signs of a new onset of upper respiratory infection
  • Any elder who exhibits early warning signs will be placed on contact/droplet precautions and monitored specifically for viral infection
  • You will be notified immediately if your loved one develops upper respiratory symptoms

While Rose Garden is accepting new admissions from local hospitals we are screening every new admission prior to entry for possible COVID-19 symptoms

  • We are aware that some area hospitals have active COVID-19 patients and we are currently NOT accepting + COVID-19 patients due to our limited PPE supply and lack of a dedicated wing to care for those patients.


All dining rooms have been closed and our elders are eating comfortably in their rooms

  • Any elder who requires assistance has been provided a 1:1 certified nursing assistant to help them eat their meals
  • Elders who are at risk of weight loss due to this disruption have been identified and have been care planned by our interdisciplinary team to closely monitor their meal intake


Grouping activities have been temporarily suspended

  • Our activity department has been hard at work doing room visits and keeping everyone distracted and engaged in individual activities
  • We have strolling activity carts offering a variety of crafts to keep your loved ones active
  • We are working on activities that can be done communally but keeping a minimum of 6’ distancing.


  • While family laundry services have been suspended we have had multiple families order items online to have them directly delivered to their loved one
  • Rose Garden is laundering all clothing at this time


We are still under strict guidance from NJDOH that visitors are not permitted unless there is an end of life situation

  • We are so grateful that during this extremely stressful time that the majority of families have been appreciative and understanding that Rose Garden is doing everything within our power to keep COVID-19 at bay from the doors at Rose Garden.

Staff Screening:

  • ALL staff members, physicians, vendors ( lab, radiology etc) undergo a 2 step screening process prior to being allowed into Rose Garden. We are using CDC/CMS/NJDOH questionnaires for screening. Any staff member, physician or vendor who does not pass the screening process is NOT permitted to enter the building. The screening process is also applicable to family members who wish to visit for end of life situations. In addition to the self reported questionnaire… temperature checks are also being done prior to entry.
  • The employee entrance has been closed and all employees must enter/exit through the front door for the 2 step health screening.
  • We have identified employees, consultants and vendors whose services are “non-essential” at this time. These individuals will work from home, consult via phone or access Rose Garden remotely.
  • Only essential healthcare personnel and those required for essential facility operations are permitted entry into Rose Garden


Rose Garden has a variety of ways that you can contact your loved one

  • Telephone
    • Please call the main number at 732-505-4477 if your loved one does not have a cell phone or phone in their room. We will bring them to the phone so that you can speak with them
    • If you prefer for your loved one to have a phone installed directly into their room temporarily please call the main number and we will advise you how to have a phone directly installed into their room. This service can be discontinued at any time after the visitation restriction is lifted.
    • If you prefer to purchase a cell phone for your loved one you can drop it off in the front vestibule area and we will deliver it.
    • If you are dropping off a phone please make sure that you have disinfected it and place it in a sealed bag
  • Skype/Facebook Messenger: Face to face communication
    • We have computers on both floors that our elders can use to skype or use Facebook Messenger to have a one on one direct face to face conversation with your loved one.
    • If you would like to have a face to face conversation with your loved one please call the main # 732-505-4477 and ask for the social service department. Meghan or Trisch can schedule this service for you at your families convenience.
  • Letter Writing
    • Getting a card or letter always brings a smile to our elders! Please write frequently and encourage your extended family members to write also. Include photos, homemade pictures drawn by grandchildren or anything that your loved one will appreciate. Mail delivery is done daily. Our activity staff delivers mail and will assist your loved one if they have difficulty in opening or reading mail.
    • We have also included letter writing into our activity choices so that your loved one can reach out to you. We are providing cards to your loved ones and assisting them in writing to you. Rose Garden will mail all letters to you as they are received.

Environmental Cleaning:

Rose Garden is committed to keeping all high touch surfaces clean and disinfected. All staff members have been inserviced on proper cleaning/disinfecting surfaces and we are using EPA approved products that kill the COVID-19 virus. Our housekeeping department has increased the amount of cleaning and all staff are wiping down hard surfaces every 2 hours in addition to standard cleaning.

Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE):

At this time supplies of personal protective equipment for all health care workers nationwide is severely limited. Rose Garden has taken a full inventory of our PPE and we currently have enough PPE for our workers.

  • We have ordered more PPE but like other health care facilities and hospitals there are several supplies that are on backorder. Again, we have enough PPE at this time to care for every elder at Rose Garden.
  • The primary shortage is masks for health care workers. While masks are currently not mandated for general use we anticipate that as the restrictions grow, this may become a recommendation or requirement.
    • Since most of our N95 respirator masks and surgical masks are made in China the supply chain has been disrupted causing a shortage. We have received guidance from CDC and NJDOH on alternatives which we are reviewing in the case that the need arises.
    • Family members who can sew, get that needle ready! There are suggestions for how to make masks for health care workers and for our elders. As we learn more about these alternatives that you can help with we will let you know. We are exploring all options in a proactive manner.

In closing I again thank everyone for the overwhelming support we have received in understanding that the severe restrictions that have been mandated are only with the best intent to keep your loved one safe while we all deal with this worldwide pandemic.

This is a difficult and strenuous time for you, your loved one, health care workers and the public at large.  I am so grateful for the professionalism and diligence of our staff and for the patience, understanding and resolve of our families. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 732-505-4477. 

 May God bless us all and keep us safe as we persevere through this pandemic.  

Jacqueline Thomson, LNHA

Below, you’ll find resources and information about COVID-19

Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other experts on preventing the spread of respiratory diseases, like Coronavirus Disease 2019:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • In an article on COVID-19 in The New York Times, Dr. Trish Perl, an infectious disease specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, stresses the importance of hand washing: “It’s not super sexy but it works. With SARS, also a coronavirus, but one that is much deadlier, hand washing reduced the risk of transmission by 30 to 50 percent.”
  • “Use common sense,” says Dr. Stanley Perlman, an infectious disease and coronavirus expert at the University of Iowa, in The New York Times: “If you see someone on a bus who is coughing, move away.”
  • Experts in The Times also recommend “having a good supply of food staples and necessary medications. Don’t wait until the last minute to refill your prescriptions. You want to comfortably have at least a 30-day supply.”

General Information:

This is a rapidly changing situation, and we  will continue to communicate with the entire Rose Garden community if/when CDC guidelines change and as needed. All of us can prepare by staying home in the event of any symptoms of illness, and supporting colleagues should they need to do so.

To stay informed, please visit the CDC and World Health Organizations websites where you will find the most up-to-date and accurate information:  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on COVID-19

World Health Organization on COVID-19

Additional Resources