Covid Vaccinations

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Rose Garden’s First Round of Covid-19 Vaccinations

Rose Garden is doing our part to get America back on track and keep our residents safe! January 13th, was a day for celebration as both residents and staff received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The importance of this moment can not be understated in getting back to a world where hugs and kisses from family members can happen once more.

Words From Mr. Shawn

On such a special occasion Mr. Andrew Shawn, the owner of Rose Garden, had a few words to say,

“Rose garden is proud to announce that our residents and staff have received the first round of the vaccine. Our second opportunity will occur on Feb 3rd. I have tried to impress upon any residents and or staff what a gift we are receiving. There are millions in the United States who would also realize how lucky we are to be among the first to do our part to end this war we have been fighting . I have been made aware that there are those who have their doubts about the safety of the vaccine and other misinformation. I can only say that working in this field of Long term Care for 40 years all Americans must stand up and receive this vaccine. The concerns for your own “safety” should be set aside. I have known many WW 2 Veterans and because I was in the generation many Vietnam Veterans. They did not worry about THEIR safety when presented with helping their country to remain safe. The very reason we honor our Veterans is because they DO NOT put themselves first. They believe in the concept of “the greater good”. The majority of our residents have received the vaccine. That’s who THEY are. There are employees that have expressed “concern” I appreciate and respect every individual’s right to do as they see fit. I can only imagine where we would be today if the 160,000 soldiers who landed on Normandy Beach had “concerns” about their safety. There is a well documented reason why they have been referred to as THE GREATEST GENERATION, they put their fears behind them and did what had to be done. I am proud of all our employees who, in my humble opinion, “did the right thing” and implore all those who have the opportunity, gift if you will, to participate . Let’s get our neighbors back to work, keep our friends and families safe and close this sad chapter in American history. God Bless America.”

Mr. Andrew Shawn, Owner of Rose Garden

Residents and staff were asked why they felt getting vaccinated was so important to them and here is what they had to say!

Why Residents Got Their Vaccine!

Why Staff Got Their Vaccine!

Residents and staff weren’t the only ones to receive their first dose of the vaccine. Family members who qualified as essential caregivers also received their shots and were grateful for the opportunity. These essential caregivers have taken a CDC course and get tested weekly at Rose Garden for Covid allowing them to be permitted inside the facility. We are so happy they have been given a chance to be vaccinated to be with their loved ones. For information on the criteria to become an essential caregiver, please contact our social workers, Meaghan McDowell ([email protected]) and Trish Groesch ([email protected]).

Why Essential Caregivers Got Their Vaccine!

We would like to acknowledge the awesome professional vaccination team from CVS in Manalapan. Their immense help in getting our residents and staff vaccinated can not be left unsaid. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to getting as many people safely vaccinated as possible.

Thank You, CVS Employees

We would also like to thank Dr. Sakshi Pawa MD from Toms River for coming in and talking to our staff about the importance of the Covid vaccine and what to expect on our first vaccination day. Our medical director Dr Sandip Parikh has also stressed the importance of this vaccine and getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

Dr. Sakshi Pawa MD

The date for our 2nd dose is scheduled for February 3rd and those who missed their opportunity to receive their first dose will be able to participate.

A Special Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Make This Day a Success!