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My loved one is in the hospital and will need to receive skilled PT/OT before they can come home. I would like them to go to Rose Garden. What do I do next?
Inform the social worker at the hospital that you would like your loved ones information sent to Rose Garden for consideration for admission. Once we receive the information it will undergo both medical and financial screening to ensure that we can provide the services your loved one needs and to verify insurance coverage.

How does Medicare Part A work? Most who are admitted for sub acute care (short term/post hospitalization) are covered under Medicare. Medicare part A will cover your stay for up to one hundred days based upon your need for skilled services. 
The first 20 days are covered 100%. From day 21 to the day of discharge Medicare has a daily co-pay of $167.50. Many times a secondary insurance ( ie AARP) will cover the cost of the copay. If there is no secondary insurance the responsible party must pay the copay privately.

I am caring for a loved one at home and I think they need long term care services. I would like them to go to Rose Garden. What do I do next?
Rose Garden offers long term care to those living in the community or who are hospitalized and are unable to return home. Determining how to pay for long term care is often the greatest challenge that a family faces. If your loved one has financial assets then you would pay privately until your loved one qualifies for Medicaid. The Ocean County Board of Social Services (Adult Medicaid Unit) is able to assist you with applying for Medicaid. They can be reached at 732-349-1500.

Is there a waiting list for Rose Garden?
There is no wait list for sub acute beds. However, there is a waitlist for long term care. Please call Kelly and she can advise you the current status of our waitlist.

Can I use my own physician at Rose Garden?
Rose Garden has over 30 local physicians from Ocean and Monmouth County who are contracted at Rose Garden. Kelly can advise you whether or not your physician is used at Rose Garden. If your physician would like to care for your loved one at Rose Garden we always welcome new doctors to join our team. They simply need to contact Kelly and we will advise them accordingly.