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Outdoor Trailer Has Arrived For Family Visits!

It May Not Look Like Much From the Outside, but the Inside Is Warm and Inviting.
Allows Two Families to Visit at a Time!

Rose Garden’s Procedure for Visitation

This information is subject to change as procedures to keep your loved ones safe are updated. Please call (732)505-447 for further information 
  1. Scheduling Appointments for Visitation

    1. Please call Rose Garden at 732-505-4477 and inform the front desk receptionist that you would like to schedule a visit. The receptionist will take your name/number and date/time of preference for a visit. 
    2. This information will be provided to the activity department who will call you back in a timely manner to confirm your visit. 
  2. COVID-19 Residents/Exposed; Visitation Restrictions

    1. Residents who reside on the COVID-19 wing will not be able to participate in the outdoor visits. 
      1. Visits will be permitted after two negative test results are obtained
    2. Residents who reside on the exposed wing will not be able to participate in the outdoor visits
      1. Visits will be permitted after 14 days and two negative test results
  3. Resident Preference

    1. Residents retain the right to accept or decline an outdoor visit from family/friends
  4. Communication

    1. Residents – Residents were notified on 6/19 via written notice regarding outdoor visits
    2. Families – Families were notified on 6/19 via email regarding outdoor visits
    3. Staff – Staff were notified on 6/19 via email and internal messaging regarding outdoor visits
  5. Visitor Screening

    1. Visitor screening will be in the front entrance vestibule. A walkie talkie is provided that connects you directly to the receptionist.  Each member of the visiting party will be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions prior to the visitation. 
    2. Visitors will NOT be permitted past the front vestibule and will not enter the facility. 
    3. Restrooms will not be able to be provided for visitors
  6. Visiting Area Accommodations

    1. Outdoor visits will take place in the facility courtyard
    2. Chairs will be provided for visitors
    3. The courtyard is wheelchair accessible
      1. If a visitor requires special accommodation or assistance please inform the front desk or activity personnel prior to your visit
  7. Health Screening of Visitors

    1. There is a poster in the vestibule area that lists the symptoms that you will be asked during the health screening
      1. The poster is displayed in both English and Spanish
    2. The receptionist will also ask you additional questions related to your exposure to the COVID-19 virus
    3. ANY visitor who does not pass the health screening will not be able to proceed with the visit
  8. Transporting residents to the visitation area

    1. Residents will be brought to the courtyard area while maintaining social distancing from other residents
    2. Residents will not be transported through any wing that has exposed or COVID+ residents
  9. Staff Supervision

    1. A staff member will be present throughout the duration of the visit to ensure compliance with face coverings and social distancing
  10. Number of Visitors Allowed

    1. A maximum of 2 visitors at a time is permitted as per DOH guidelines
    2. A six foot buffet table will be used as a social distancing buffer between you and your loved one.  
      1. Visitors will be seated at one end of the buffet table 
      2. Residents will be seated at the opposite end
      3. At no time are you permitted to breach the 6 foot barrier
    3. If you arrive early and have already completed your health screening please wait in your car until it is time for your visit
      1. Please allow other family members to leave the courtyard area before proceeding to your visit. We must maintain at least a 6 foot distance between visitors
    4. Visitors who do not have a vehicle may wait in seating provided in front of the building with 6 foot distancing
  11. Mask Use/Weather Conditions

    1. Mask use MUST be in place for all parties
      1. Resident will be wearing a mask/face covering
      2. Visitor needs to be wearing a mask/face covering
      3. Staffing attendant will be wearing a mask
    2. All visitation is contingent on weather conditions. 
      1. Rose Garden reserves the right to cancel visits due to inclement weather including but not limited to high heat index/humidity
    3. Rose Garden will provide pop up canopies for shelter/comfort during visits
  12. Visitation Days/Times

    1. Visits are scheduled 7 days per week from the hours of 1pm-5pm *Subject to change
      1. 4:30 is the last scheduled visit of the day
    2. There is no limit on how many times you can visit a loved one during a day or week pending availability
    3.  Social distancing of a minimum of 6’ must be maintained at all times
  13. Food

    1. The DOH has determined that food may not be brought to a family visit
    2. Visitors are permitted to bring water for their personal use
    3. Residents will be provided hydration throughout the visit
  14. Resident transport at the end of the visit

    1. Activity and/or nursing staff will assist residents back to their room after the visit
  15. Informed Consent for the visit

    1. After a visitor has passed the health screening you will be provided with an informed consent form for your signature for the visit/potential risk of visitation and an acknowledgment of rules during the visit.
    2. Visitors agree to inform the facility if they develop any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of their visit
    3. Residents will also be presented with a signed consent form regarding the same. 
      1. If a resident is unable to sign the consent the responsible party must sign prior to the visit
    4. Consent forms will be kept on file for future visits
    5. Copies of consent forms will be provided to both the visitor and resident

All visitors are anticipated to comply with the above guidelines for outdoor visitation. If any visitor deviates from the above guidelines the visit will unfortunately have to end and that visitor will be subject to potential future restriction. 

The executive directive No. 20-017 further mandated that the facility attests to the NJDOH that they will abide by the above directive at least 24 hours prior to 6/21.  The facility attestation was completed and submitted on 6/19. 

*These guidelines are current as of 6/19 and are subject to change. 


Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in compliance with NJDOH Executive Directive No. 20-017 issued 6/19/202 ( replacing guidance issued 3/15/2020) directs: 

“Designated Outdoor Visitation Space by appointment only. Beginning on June 21, 2020, facilities may allow in-person visitation in a designated outdoor visitation space, provided that the facility implements all of the following safety, care, and infection prevention and control measures:

  • a) Facilities may start scheduling appointments on the effective date of this Executive Directive, but visitation may not begin until June 21, 2020. 
  • b) A resident who is suspected or confirmed to be infected with COVID-19; or quarantined for an exposure to a COVID-19 case cannot be visited except for an end of life situation. A resident who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 may be visited only after they have met the criteria for discontinuation of isolation as defined in guidance from NJDOH and CDC. 
  • c) The facility should honor each resident’s right to have and choose visitors and to make preferences. The facility should consult every resident to determine who the resident would wish to visit with in person. These consultations also serve as a personalized communication with the resident to explain how visitation will work and what the resident can expect.
  • d) Clear communication of the visitation policy should be provided to residents, resident’s visitors, staff and others, as needed in writing, via the methods the facility uses to convey information or policy changes. Facilities should consider providing the visitation guidelines in various languages as needed. 
  • e) The facility should establish a designated area for visitors to be screened that accommodates social distancing and infection control standards. Visitors should be provided with the visitation guidelines upon check in. The facility should provide graphics to assist residents and visitors in maintaining social distancing and infection control standards. Visitors are not permitted entrance past the reception area of the facility, including restrooms, which will not be available to visitors at this time.
  • f) The facility should provide a visiting area with accommodations offered for those with mobility needs and designated seating for visitors. The facility should also provide reasonable accommodations for any resident with a disability, such as hearing, vision, or cognitive impairments, and assist any resident with transport using their adaptive equipment. 
  • g) Prior to transporting a resident to the designated outdoor visitation space, the long-term care facility must screen the visitor for infectious communicable diseases, including COVID-19 symptoms. Any visitors with symptoms of COVID-19 infection (subjective or objective fever equal to or greater than 100.4 F or as further restricted by facility policy, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea) will not be permitted to visit with a resident.
  • h) Transport of a resident to and from the designated outdoor visitation space must be safe and orderly. At a minimum, safe transport means that the resident cannot be transported through any space designated as COVID-19 care space or space where residents suspected or confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 are present. Transport must be done while keeping 6 feet distance between other residents and staff. 
  • i) A long-term care facility staff member familiar with the required protocols must remain with the resident at all times during the visit.
  • j) Each resident is limited to no more than two visitors at a time. A visitor must remain at least 6 feet from the resident and attending staff member(s) at all times during the visit. Whenever possible, visitors should 6 wait in a vehicle prior to the visitation time. If the visitor is using public or ride share transport, the visitor(s) should wait in an outdoor space that ensures social distancing of at least six feet from other visitors.
  • k) Staff must wear a surgical facemask; residents must wear a face covering (surgical mask if supply is available); and visitors must wear a face covering or mask for the duration of the visit. Visits with a resident in a designated outdoor space must be scheduled in advance and are dependent on permissible weather conditions, availability of outdoor space, and sufficient staffing at the facility to meet resident care needs, as well as the health and well-being of the resident. Facilities should provide appropriate protection from the weather, (e.g. sun, heat, and rain). Visits may be cancelled because of inclement or unsafe weather conditions (e.g. high humidity/heat, poor air quality). 
  • l) A long-term care facility may limit the length of any visit, the days on which visits will be permitted, the hours during a day when visits will be permitted, and the number of times during a day or week a resident may be visited. 
  • m) Food is not permitted during the visits. Visitors may bring items for the resident but must leave the package at reception or another location, as directed by the facility. Visitors may bring their own water which cannot be shared with the resident. The facility shall provide appropriate hydration for the resident during the visit. 
  • n) At the conclusion of the visit, the residents should be transported back totheir rooms by a facility staff member. 
  • o) The facility must receive informed consent from the visitor and the resident in writing that they are aware of the possible dangers of exposure to COVID-19 for both the resident and the visitor and that they will follow the rules set by the facility in regard to outdoor visitation. The facility must receive a signed statement from each visitor and resident (if the resident is unable to consent then the consent needs to be signed by the authorized representative) with a copy provided to the visitor and resident, that they are aware of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the visit, that they will strictly comply with the facility policies during outdoor visitation, and that the visitor will notify the facility if they test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 within fourteen days of the visit.” 
For more information concerning our procedures during Covid-19 please go to our page on our Outbreak Plan