What Makes Rose Garden Sub-Acute Care The Best?

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What Makes Rose Garden Sub-Acute Care The Best?

Rose Garden has been recognized by the NJ Alliance as a skilled nursing facility that provides sub-acute care that is above it’s peers. We were invited to speak in front of healthcare professionals at a seminar held at Rutgers University about our best practices. Through what we call the huddle system, we have been able to increase patient success rates well above our competitors.

What Is The Huddle System?

Every morning Jen DeBellis (Unit Manager), and multiple staff members from different departments go to each patient’s room in sub-acute care as a group. In this huddle, they communicate with each other on the progress being made by the patient. By bringing together multiple departments, communication can flow freely so everyone is on the same page and the patient can receive the proper care they need. Having multiple eyes and differing view points can help paint a clearer picture about the patient’s well-being. This process is repeated throughout the day and at night the unit manager and head of therapy will visit each room and discuss each patient’s rehabilitation progress.

Skilled Nursing at Rose Garden makes the difference!
Every voice matters in a patient’s sub-acute care and rehabilitation process.

Communication is Key!

Sub-acute care and rehabilitation facilities have many different departments and specializations. Rose Garden believes in personalized care for each patient and a big part of this is having each department know what the other departments are doing in terms of the patient’s care. This communication allows for multiple checks and balances throughout the process.

Communication is key in a sub-acute care facility.
The huddle system allows for the uninhibited flow of information between departments.

Therapy knows how hard to push each patient because the skilled nursing of the sub-acute care has been keeping them up to date on their health. The transmitting of information isn’t a one way street though. Therapy will inform those in sub-acute care about any changes in the patients ability to preform rehabilitation. For instance, after using a BiPap on a patient, was their a noticeable increase in rehabilitation because of increased blood oxygen levels? Is a change in medication effecting the results in another department? Having everyone on the same page helps prevent details from slipping through the cracks.

Who’s Involved?

The huddle system is incorporated by multiple departments, education levels, and skill sets. This allows the incubation of multiple ideas from varying view points and thought processes. Those involved include, but are not limited to:

  • Day shift and Night Shift Nurses
  • CNAs
  • Therapy
  • House Keeping
  • Director of Nursing
  • Dietitian
  • Activities Staff
  • Pharmacist
  • Social Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • And Many More…

While not every department is involved with each day’s huddle, they are consulted often to keep everyone in sync.

Everyone has one goal in mind at our skilled nursing facility and that is the successful rehabilitation.
Because of our skilled nursing staff, Rose Garden can boast having a 100% success rating in wound treatment or improvement by the time a patient is discharged.

Why is Rose Garden’s Skilled Nursing Better?

What sets Rose Garden’s skilled nursing facility apart from other sub-acute facilities is that we empower our staff to make a difference. Other skilled nursing facilities have struggled to implement a similar system to ours and this is because their staff are not jumping on board with the project. Our huddle system works because every voice matters no matter who it is coming from. Our staff are not afraid to bring up things they may have noticed because they know it can make a difference in the patient’s well being. All ideas and bits of information are taken seriously as you never know where a great idea may come from and when one small detail can complete a bigger picture.

Sometimes a small detail can help paint a bigger picture.
Sometimes a small detail can help paint a bigger picture.

NJ Alliance Seminar

This last November, Jen DeBellis (Unit Manager), Rajna (Head of Therapy), and Alicia Fereno (Head of Nursing), were invited to speak in front of a crowd of healthcare professionals at Rutgers student center. This event was hosted by the NJ Alliance, a non-profit organization that was established to incite changes to the status quo for the better in multiple industries. Rose Garden presented their success with the huddle system in the hopes to incite a better way to preform sub-acute care and bring more personalized skilled nursing to the industry. After giving their presentation, they were praised on their success and ability to get their staff on board with the idea.

Nurses That Want to Make a Difference

From the video shown above, it is easy to see why Rose Garden has had such success with the huddle system. Our nurses are empowered to make a difference in their patients lives and are genuinely happy to be a part of the system. We are a family here at Rose Garden and want our staff to know that they matter. It is our belief that the best way to provide exceptional patient care is to have nurses that care.

To learn more or to speak with someone in admissions, follow this link.

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