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Rose Garden offers a wide range of services to meet and exceed your expectations

Rehabilitation Center


Rose Garden offers sub-acute care staffed with professionals who are prepared to assist your loved one with regaining the skills necessary to return to independent living. We deliver success.

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The Rose Garden philosophy of excellence in all areas is highlighted in our dining services. We purchase locally grown ingredients.

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We offer a team of experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and energetic professionals who have the ability and the goal to motivate you to achieve your highest potential.

Rose Garden: The “Hotel of Healthcare”

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Sub-Acute Care

Rose Garden is a leading force in sub-acute care with a certified nurse that makes home visits once patients are discharged. Our low readmission rate is a testament to our programs success.

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Our Medical Director, Dr. Sandip Parikh, is an independent medical doctor who is aligned with our philosophy of “old fashioned values” that is to say, our residents become like family.


Our on-staff podiatrist, Dr. Chris Blakeslee, is a trusted member of the Rose Garden team who visits each guest on a regularly scheduled basis.

Post-Discharge Nurse

In August 2016, Rose Garden employed Clint Ganzon, a seasoned RN, to ensure successful discharges by making bi-weekly home visits. This was done to help prevent ER visits and re-hospitalizations. In addition, the RN coordinates support services, physician appointments, family education and is available 24/7 to provide guidance and go to the home if needed. 20 months since the program was introduced, the observed successful discharge rate has increased 28%. Just another way Rose Garden is striving to make sure your experience with Rose Garden is memorable.


Rose Garden is partnering with Ocean Pulmonary Associates to provide on-site consultation for patients. Ocean Pulmonary Associates, P.A. is a Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine practice. With their proficiency in respiratory and lung care, Rose Garden knows our patients will receive the best nursing possible to help them in their rehabilitation process.

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We are proud to have on staff the Drs. Mazur, both of whom are psychiatrists specializing in and older population. They are successful in assisting our guests in all phases of behavioral adjustments and are available for counseling whenever necessary.


Dr. Whiteman, our consulting neurologist, is an expert in his field. He is extremely approachable and is available on an as-needed basis.


We have mobile laboratory services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed with technicians sensitive to the needs of our guests. STAT results are always available.


Rose Garden is teaming up with Vascular Institute to provide on-site consultation for patients. Vascular Institute of AMI are comprised of New Jersey’s leading endovascular experts who are proud to provide a large range of vascular services. With their highly skilled physicians and cutting-edge technology being made available to Rose Garden, we will be able to provide even better care for our patients during their journey through rehabilitation.

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Our Cardiac Care program was created to ensure positive outcomes to meet the post-acute needs of cardiac patients recovering from surgery of coping with a multitude of chronic cardiac conditions. We have assembled the Rose Garden Cardiac “Dream Team,” experienced nursing professionals who provided skilled care and monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and whose goal it is to help cardiac patients live as fully as possible in the least restrictive environment. We encourage family involvement and education to ensure and speed to recovery of our patients.


We have a mobile X-Ray services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed, with technicians sensitive to the needs of our guests. Results are reported promptly to our on-site medical team.


Rose Garden employs two full time Social Work staff, Meaghan McDowell, MSW and Trish Groesch,CSW, . They are available from the day of admission, will remain at your service throughout your stay, and will assist with discharge as well. Experienced in every facet of the sub-acute and long-term care experience, they, along with our administrators, will provide you with answers to your questions and solutions for your concerns should they arise.


You have long been accustomed to your beautician or barber. While we cannot bring him or her here, we understand the importance of such a personal service. Our beautician, Susan Dickleman, is warm, engaging, and excellent at her craft; she loves her work, and it shows in our guests’ satisfaction (and beautiful grooming!). Nail care is available as well as a variety of other personal grooming services.