5 Facets For Picking The Best Senior Rehabilitation Center

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There are many times when adults need additional supervision when they are discharged from the hospital. Getting as much assistance and support as possible can really make a huge difference. Which is why selecting the right Senior Rehabilitation Center can help immensely. But how can you do that? Here are a few tips to make the process simple and convenient.

Check The Discharge Planning

The care team needs to work together to establish a discharge plan. Ideally you want the Senior Rehabilitation Center to have a very good discharge plan in place. Otherwise it shows that it might be a better idea to work with someone else. It’s always an important aspect to consider and if you do it right, the results will be very rewarding. There are obvious challenges here, since you must go through the entire plan. But it will certainly help a lot.

Discharge Nurse
Rose Garden employs a post-discharge nurse who checks in with recently discharged patients.

Rose Garden is different than other rehabilitation centers because not only is each plan created to your specific needs, but each separate department works together when assessing patients each day. By having a member of each department together when doing rounds, the sharing of information flows without restriction. Often it is through these huddles, greater success rates are achieved. To learn more about Rose Garden’s achievements in rehabilitation, follow this link.


You want the Senior Rehabilitation Center to be as local as possible. It’s a good idea to have family visit from time to time, so having the center near you is going to have an upside. After all, having people close to you be involved in your rehabilitation will help in what can often be a difficult period.

Patient to Staff Ratio

Does the Senior Rehabilitation Center have enough staff to cater to your needs? That’s a very important thing to consider, so you may want to asses that. Tackling everything in a meaningful manner is crucial, so if the center has enough staff, that will help a lot. After all, an overwhelmed center without a lot of staff will not be a good option. Here’s how we rated with medicare.gov.

Therapy Types

We all expect the best Senior Rehabilitation Center to offer a wide range of therapy types. Some just offer physical therapy, but the best ones also cover things like language and speech therapy, occupational therapy and so on. You should also have access to other less thought of services too. These include things like medication management, dietary and nutritional meals, personal hygiene support and many others. In-patient rehabilitation has many parts that must fit together to provide the best care possible.

Rehabilitation Center

Engaging Activities

The rehabilitation process can be difficult at times and having an outlet such as an engaging activity can do wonders for one’s mental health. Rose Garden is a firm believer that providing a diverse variety of activities, including live events, improves success rates of rehabilitation. Boredom and inactivity can lead to patients not wanting to give their all, in therapy. Positivity and the right frame of mind can propel progress in the rehabilitation process, this is why Rose Garden sets up fun events for patients.

The Jazz Lobsters
The Jazz Lobsters preforming live for our residents.

Closing thoughts

It’s not easy to find the right Senior Rehabilitation Center for your loved one, but it all comes down to how you feel about a place. It is recommended to visit any place you are thinking about because some feelings can’t be put into words. Here at Rose Garden, we like to think of everyone that steps through these doors to feel like family. Our dedication to providing personal care to each and every individual is what we feel sets us apart from other rehabilitation centers. We truly want to do what’s best for our patients in every aspect because to us, their part of our family. Let Rose Garden help in your journey through rehabilitation.

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